About Us

About Us

Shelco Storage Systems Ltd,
is about “Efficient Storage”& “ Space Utlization”. We assit you in organising and storing any product in the most cost effective way by:

  1. Efficiently using available space, hence more things can be stored.
  2. Getting maximum benefit of available space hence better ROI.
  3. Organized arrangement and easy access to materials, thereby saving time.

Keeping this in mind, we provide racking and shelving solutions for any walk of life. It can be a single basic metal shelf for organizing books or files in your home or office or a slotted angle shelf/rack to organize tools in your garage. It can be boltless metal rack to store boxes/cartons in a retail outlet or it can be a heavy duty pallet rack to store palletized cargo in a large warehouse. It can also be metal display shelf for arranging goods in a supermarket. The list of possible applications of these racks and shelves is endless!

Advantages of our racks and shelves

• Boltless: Easy to assemble and dismantle.

• Fully adjustable: Shelves may easily be adjusted as per desired height to fit size of your load.

• Scalability: Shelves may easily be added to existing racks as storage requirement increases.

• DIY: No specialized skills and tools required for assembling.

• Q235 steel grade: May be used in cold rooms.

• Epoxy powder coated paint: Virtually rust-free.

• Sturdy profiles: Does not bend or sag as opposed to wooden shelves.

• Modular CKD: Easy to transport while shifting to other premises.

• Warranty: 5 years warranty as our racks and shelves are manufactured by ISO9001 certified factory.

Our customers range from small start-ups to large organizations. Whether you come to SHELCO STORAGE SYSTEMS  for a simple set of shelves or a vast warehousing solution, you will be accorded the same attentive service. We will give thoughtful consideration to how we can best match your needs by using our extensive knowledge of the products available. We will recommend exactly the right solution for you hence saving you time, money and extra work.